About us


Our inclination for wearing clean shoes is rooted back to our school days, when PT teacher used to check whether we were wearing clean shoes or not. It further stemmed into our adulthood, when we started wearing suede & nubuck shoes.

As our  love grew for wearing suede shoes our desire to wear clean shoes deepened simultaneously and we couldn’t find anything to our satisfaction for cleaning them. We always ended up creating a laundry mess with the job poorly done and sometimes with our favourite shoes ruined.

It was then we started finding what does it take to nourish our suede shoes. Our research helped us to create a correct combination of molecules to revive and restore the original colour of shoes and keep them look as new.

We eventually started testing the solution on sneakers and other forms of leather. The results were affirmative and we decided to bottle up and call it Shoe Mistri to serve the other people who love wearing clean shoes.