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Shoe Mistri Shoe Crates for Sneakers | Plastic Stackable Shoe Box with Clear Door | Multipurpose Foldable Shoe Organizer (White)

Shoe Mistri Shoe Crates for Sneakers | Plastic Stackable Shoe Box with Clear Door | Multipurpose Foldable Shoe Organizer (White)

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Introducing the latest addition to our collection of shoe storage solutions – Shoe Mistri Clear Sneaker Crates made of ABS plastic. These crates are the perfect way to organize your shoe collection while keeping your precious kicks safe and secure. Designed with the modern sneakerhead in mind, these Shoe Mistri crates are made from high-quality ABS plastics which are known for their durability, strength and transparency.

The transparent design allows you to easily see what's inside, making it easier to find the pair of shoes you're looking for. And the high-quality construction ensures that your sneakers will be protected from dust, dirt and other elements that can damage them over time. Each Shoe Mistri crate can hold up to size 12.5 shoes, which means you can store a variety of different styles and sizes in one place.

This is especially useful for those who have an extensive collection of sneakers and need a way to keep them organized and easily accessible. The design of Shoe Mistri Transparent Sneaker Crates is sleek and modern, making them an attractive addition to any room or closet. They can be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to create a storage system that fits your space and your needs. And because they are made from high-quality ABS plastics, they are built to last for years to come.

One of the biggest benefits of these Shoe Mistri Sneaker Crates is their versatility. They can be used to store not just sneakers, but also other types of shoes, such as boots or sandals. And because they are transparent, you can easily see what's inside each crate, making it easy to find the pair of shoes you're looking for In conclusion, if you're looking for a durable, high-quality way to store your shoe collection, these Shoe Mistri Clear Sneaker Crates made of ABS plastics are the perfect solution.

They offer ample space for a variety of shoe sizes, are stackable and easy to access, and are made from a transparent material that allows you to easily see what's inside. Order yours today and take the first step towards an organized and stylish shoe collection.


  • 360-DEGREE VISIBLE: Stackable, dust-free, 360-degree clear transparent shoe storage crates that maximize storage space. With a snap-tight clasp design on the bottom of the boxes, you can enhance your shoe storage organizer to the next level by combining closet organizers and storage.
  • AIRFLOW DESIGN: Keep your sneaker collection organized and protected with our high-quality sneaker crates. Made from ABS Plastic material, these crates are designed to withstand wear and tear and keep your sneakers in pristine condition.
  • EASE OF STORAGE: Stackable Shoe Crates maximize storage and prevent dust. Create a snap-tight clasp shoe tower to improve shoe organization. Our Shoe Crates ensure that you can see the inside of the shoe cabinet without opening all the boxes and easily find the right shoes.
  • SUITABLE SIZE: The size of each shoe box is 13inches, which is suitable for most men's and women's shoes size up to 12.5. This high-quality shoe crate uses a reinforced frame, which has very high stability.
  • EASY SETUP: The crates are easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can move them around as needed. You can even take them with you when you travel to keep your sneakers safe and organized on the go.
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