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Shoe Mistri Shoe Moisturiser (Blue)

Shoe Mistri Shoe Moisturiser (Blue)

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    • Shoe cream will add a tinge of color to enhance the look of your shoes and leave a lovely mild shine

    • The moisturizers subtle scent will help your shoes maintain an authentic leather smell

    • Its non-greasy and wont leave any hard-to-clean residue behind on your hands

    • It is non-toxic, eco-friendly and does not contain any abrasive and irritating chemicals

    • Shoe moisturiser comes in a fiber jar with an advanced leak-proof cover inside the cap


Shoe Polishing is a great skill to have. Whether it is an upcoming party, graduation ceremony or a typical day at the office, a pair of shiny shoes can set you apart from the crowd. Shoe Mistri Shoe Moisturiser is an emulsified shoe cream that softens leather while preventing cracks for long-lasting shine on your leather shoes and boots. It adds a tinge of respective colour and keeps shoes in good shape for many years to come. It is suitable for all natural and smooth leather. Not only does polishing your shoes make them look good, it helps to keep them healthy for a longer time. -It provides protection for soft to mild scuffs only and offers a layer of defence and makes buffing them out much easier. -This easy-to-use shoe moisturiser cream comes in 4 colour -Shoe moisturiser comes in a fibre jar with an advanced leak-proof cover inside the cap A good quality shoe cream will restore the moisture of the shoe's leather and feed it important nutrients. If done consistently over time, the leather will become soft and supple. The result is that the leather looks healthier and becomes more malleable to your feet.

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