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Shoe Mistri Shoe Cleaner (2 Wipes) and Khaki Renovator

Shoe Mistri Shoe Cleaner (2 Wipes) and Khaki Renovator

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    • It is non-toxic, eco-friendly and does not contain any abrasive and irritating chemicals thus odorless.
    • It is suitable for suede, nubuck, microfiber, tex, canvas, knit and other absorbent fabrics.
    • It keeps shoes looking new for longer while providing protection from dirt and dust.
    • 900 Sprays: Usually, it requires 7-9 sprays on one shoe. However, the no. Of sprays varies depending on the condition and porousness of the material.
    • It forms a coating of black shade which makes your shoes look new instantly
    • Color: Black; Quantity: 100 Ml; Package Contents: Pack of 1 Shoe Renovator
    • Khakhi Renovator enhances the existing condition of the shoe colour while coloured Renovator adds a tinge of respective colour and make them look new.
    • It has mild cleaners which removes dirt and dust to restore the original colour of the shoes.
  • It is a perfect get-to-go spray which you can also carry around and use before entering the business meetings or while seeing someone special.

Shoe Mistri's Shoe Renovator (Khakhi) is a revolutionary water-based spray - convenient, non-toxic, and Natural. Now, available in Indian market. It is not just an ordinary polish. It is a classic Renovator spray made of rich nourishing ingredients that build a coating, revive the original colour of your old, dull, and dead shoes to make them look new.

Scared of wearing Suede/Canvas shoes for the fear of getting them dirty? Not anymore.

Shoe Renovator is suitable for Suede, Nubuck, Microfiber, Tex, soft Leathers, Canvas, Knit and other absorbent fabrics.

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